Can building materials be sourced and imported from China?

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Building materials customized procurement services

As the best supplier of building materials in China, we have a good reputation in building materials customization, especially in decorative stainless steel, intelligent opening and closing glass, customized lamps, customized signboards and other aspects. No matter the size of the order, you don’t have to worry about payment, negotiation, quality control, integration, delivery, etc. We will try our best to provide the best case and satisfactory service to help you import decorative building materials easily and worry-free.


Clear needs

We intervene in the early stage of project approval, design, and bidding
Send us design drawings, decoration material references, samples.
Analyzing the cost and quality of the decoration materials supplied in the project will help our customers to make economic choices in local procurement, import and bidding methods. and bidding methods.


Understand the needs

Effective communication and a good understanding of drawings and decoration materials.
A team with an education background in interior design and a professional engineering procurement team.
Quickly build and deepen the decoration material drawings and 3D models to help understand.


Quick response

Respond quickly to technical inquiries. Feedback within 24 hours
Quick response to RFQ (request for quotation). Feedback within 12 hours.
Real-time communication in remote meetings or video conferences.
On-site quotation and factory manufacturing and export process services. services.


Guarantee delivery

In terms of production capacity and quality, high-quality strategic suppliers.
End-to-end follow-up and reporting process in the manufacturing process.
After serving customers for a long time, the average delay is less than 5 days.


Competitive price

The strict and professional procurement process of engineering materials. First-hand price. There is no middle price. Establish strategic partnerships with major suppliers and become the main product at the most competitive price.


After-sales installation

Provide engineering technical support before and after installation. Video guide the installation process and on-site guide installation Provide repair and maintenance management methods for later decorative materials

Supply custom smart glass art glass lamps and lanterns Stainless steel Logo signs
Send us your project’s design drawings, decoration material references, samples. In about three days, our professional engineering team can obtain the production cost, production cycle, delivery date, preliminary quotation, and installation requirements of customized decorative materials.
Customized smart opening and closing glass

Glass manufacturer, glass factory, glass supplier, Smart glass, Wired glass, Laminated glass, patterned glass, tempered glass, insulating glass, art glass, frosted glass, patterned glass, decorative glass, glass brick , etc.

Customize all kinds of metal products

Metal products manufacturer, aluminum plate, stainless steel screen, metal partition, stainless steel toilet partitions, metal skirting, aluminum skirting, stainless steel skirting, metal furniture, metal cabinet, metal artworks, etc.

Custom Lighting Display

Lighting Manufacturers, Lighting Suppliers, LED Lighting Manufacturers, custom lighting, custom neon lights, custom led lights, Disinfection lamps, outdoor lamps, hardware lamps, induction lamps, voice-activated lamps, etc.

Customized Logo Display

Sign Manufacturers, Sign Suppliers, traffic safety signage, hotel signage, office signage, hospital signage, commercial signage, building signage, community signage, light box, door sign, house number signs, metal word, etc.

Service Procedures

No upfront costs. We will guide you on how to gradually import construction project building materials from China
We are a supplier of high-quality customized interior decoration materials, such as stainless steel decoration, metal-related products, and customized lighting products. Headquartered in Shenzhen, China, with factories in Foshan and Zhongshan, it is the world's largest building decoration materials, stainless steel manufacturing base, and lighting manufacturing base.

Before bidding for the project

Get business contacts

Learn about us through the website, contact us in any way on the website, and inform us of your project situation and needs

Establish cooperation opportunities

Through preliminary communication, initially understand the requirements and inform the feasibility of project material procurement, transportation and installation

Communication material plan

Customers provide relevant design schemes and FF&E and clarify material information through professional analysis and discussion by engineers

Confirm customer requirements

Confirm the relevant content and quantity of the materials required by the customer and deepen the processing drawings and installation drawings

Timely and effective quotation

Confirm the relevant price, processing time, transportation time and arrival time of the material to the project party

Sign a formal contract

Discuss relevant agreements and sign Chinese and English material procurement contracts

Pay material deposit

Arrange to pay the relevant contract deposit

Material samples/models and confirmation

Produce and process related material samples and mail them to customers for confirmation, and further deepen the drawings and installation drawings

Manufacturing and reporting

Report the production, quality, processing, packaging, and freight of materials in a timely manner to track and supervise, and complete the exchange period

Material balance payment

Pay the balance of the contract, deliver installation drawings, installation technical guidance, and after-sales service
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