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Interior decoration material product solution service team with professional construction engineering consulting background

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“Kerooya”  was established in 2004 and is a supplier of high-quality customized interior decoration materials, such as stainless steel decoration, metal-related products, and customized lighting products. Headquartered in Shenzhen, China, with factories in Foshan and Zhongshan, they are the world’s largest building decoration materials, stainless steel manufacturing bases, and lighting manufacturing bases. Material products are exported to dozens of countries and regions in Europe, South Africa, Australia, Southeast Asia, etc.

Our Mission

Our goal is not only to become a high-quality & customized building/decoration materials supplier, but we are also committed to being a one-stop solution of “decoration material/engineering technology/ consulting” to global clients Provider. We have a deep understanding of the real needs of our customers and cooperate with them end-to-end from the initial stage of the project to after-sales service. Helping them win bids and deliver well is always our goal.

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An interior decoration material product solution service agency with a professional architectural engineering consulting background

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Send us design drawings, decoration material references, samples. In about three days, our professional engineering team can get the decoration material production cost, production cycle, delivery date, preliminary quotation, and installation requirements.