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Use of stained glass


Turns out stained glass can play like this, do you love it?

Glamulant glass has a magical discoloration effect

It can change colors at different angles and light

Is to create high-end interior decoration

And in the field of doors and windows curtain wall

It is of the times, luxurious, elegant, and beautiful

Ideal environmental protection of new building materials products

Colorful glass is also another

Made of tempering, mezzanine, hollow, so that it has a variety of functions

Play a safe, insulation, looming effect

Designers are free to play in different areas

Take advantage of your artistic beauty

Design a newer, more beautiful, more time-like colorful world


How colorful glassworks

Colorful glass is a color

Depending on the top angle of direct sunlight and observer

The glass that changes in the angle of position

The color effect of the dazzling glass is produced during the processing of metal film coating

This layer is very thin with a coating of high and low refractive metal oxides

Vivid color variations can be made depending on the viewing angle and daylight conditions

Based on its hardness, abrasion resistance, and high chemical resistance,

Colorful glass is more than traditional glass

Durable, easier to care for, and clean


Dazzling color glass features

1. Five variable colors (orange, green, blue, red, yellow).

2. Both indoor and outdoor can be used, glass application life is long

3. The surface is resistant to scratches and wear;


Relevant cases

Fifth Avenue Apple Store

The Apple cube takes on the appearance of a rainbow

The combination of film and glass can reflect changes in color and light

It’s more radiant than the usual Apple minimalist style

In the center of the square is a unique glass cube

It symbolizes the center of the event and brings people into the shops below

Visitors follow circular lifts or spectacular stainless steel staircases

Come under the glass cube

Each of these stairs and elevators is made of mirrored stainless steel

Reflects the surrounding landscape and energy

The Blazing Museum

The design concept evoked the local Kansas area

One of the most unique aspects of the image: the flame-burning Ebsohara

From layout to mass, form, material, and detail

Design decisions revolve around this concept

The endless “hills” form the background of the dancing and jumping “fire line”

Dynamic changes in the color and reflection of a material

Make these flames a reality

Beijing Vanke Intercity Light Sales Department

Color is the most sensitive shape factor that causes ordinary aesthetic pleasure

It is also one of the most expressive symbols

So designers split and combine different colors

to create unique art forms and values

Rongcheng Jiayu Riverside

Sunset sunlight shines through the glass crevices

The light and shadow are interlaced between the ground and the surface of the water

Blurs the marginal causes of space

The narrow, long lines brought about by the terrain are no longer monotonous

Bringing wind and rain to the travel space while also making interactive participation

Hong Kong Land Cloud Mountain

The interior space of the corridor is expressed in a very artistic way

A clever combination of mirrors, light, and shadow, and lamp belts

Through the contrast of light and shadow and color

and the different reflection principles of art glass

Let people walk in the fun of exploration

The design borrows all kinds and colors, light and shadow

Create an immersive experience in multidimensional space

That’s where today’s sharing comes in

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