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What is an aluminum wavy board?


Driven by design innovation, more and more forms of finished metal styling board appear, enrich the designer’s choice range, do not think that the metal is just rigid it will have a more distorted, flowing effect, as in the previous sci-fi film “mercury objects”, full of motion.

The most popular, no more popular than the current popular aluminum wavy board, then, the aluminum wavy board is what ghost why many international big-name interior designers like to use it?


What is an aluminum wavy board?

Aluminum wave board, as the name implies, like waves, is a machine molding or continuous bending processing of products, can create a different design style of fashion trend effect, there are floor plans and three-dimensional composition of two methods.

Stainless steel, aluminum, brass, chrome … And all the shiny, reflective metallic materials, have been rejected “too old-fashioned”, rejected by avant-garde design, but who would have thought that the tide is always in the rotation

Outdated meta also has a turn over the day, aluminum wave board line smooth, three-dimensional sense of strong, layered effect is elegant and beautiful architecture, with a sense of rhythm

Can customize a variety of colors, convenient and better use of the design.


The characteristics of the aluminum wavy plate

1. Lightweight; Easy to install, transport, and low load on walls and structures.

2. High strength; high strength can be achieved through ingredient configuration, processing, and heat treatment.

3. Good rust prevention capacity; The formation of an oxidation layer can prevent metal oxidation and rust.

4. The surface treatment is diverse and beautiful; Anode oxidation, electrophoresis, chemical treatment, polishing, and painting can be carried out.

5. Good plasticity, easy to process;

6. Good conductivity;

7. Easy to install;

Aluminum wavy plate unique typical sine wave smooth lines, its complex and exquisite strange effect, a variety of different installation methods, that is, horizontal, vertical or diagonal installation, not only with complex panel structure. It is easier to achieve the visually distinct layering effect between curtain wall panels, and the subtle effects produced by the staggering light scene can create a charming and vivid visual feeling in a large area. It injects retro-futuristic aesthetics into the modern interior style.


Construction process


Line – Mounting boom – Installing keel – Installing aluminum plates with fine adjustment and handling

1. Grass-roots bullet lines

When the basic materials are ready, the center point of the room is centered on the wall to draw a tiling position line for the keel.

2. Install the main dragon crane pre-

Ceiling installation requires a pap expansion bolt to secure the ceiling.

3. Install the main keel

The main keel is generally selected C38 light steel keel, the spacing control is within 1200mm range.

4. Install the side keel

Following the ceiling net height requirements around the wall with cement nails fixed 2525mm paint keel, cement nail spacing is not greater than 300mm

5. Install the second keel

The second keel hangs on the main keel by hanging the pendant, and at the same time hangs the second keel, connects the opposite end head and straightens, and then secures it.

6. Mounting metal plates

Set a baseline in the direction of the vertical sub-keel in the middle of the assembly area, and then align the baseline to mount on both sides.

Aluminum wavy panels, which are exquisite and gorgeous, will instantly enhance the opulence of the space regardless of color or style of interior decoration and can evolve into many more interesting designs.

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