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What is PU Light Terracotta Stone?


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Made with the sand casting process

A case of a large concrete module full of texture

There are a lot of designers asking big talents

Is there a cheap alternative material that is pre-made and easy to install?

Of course, this issue will introduce you to the PU stone

Stone as a decorative material

Its texture, texture, color, and other characteristics by the designer’s favorite

In recent years, there have also been a variety of technical processes

To achieve the effect of stone at a much lower price than stone

For example, we are familiar with

Cultural stone, real stone paint, imitation stone tiles, and so on

So what we’re going to share with you today is

Another imitation material: PU light pottery

PU light terracotta stone

PU light ceramic stone is a decorative class of new materials also known as polymer materials, the chemical name polyurethane referred to as PU Chinese polyurethane, a.k.a. light pottery.

PU light pottery is a new green decorative material

Oil-resistant, wear-resistant, low-temperature, aging-resistant, hardness, elastic

Can do natural stone shape and color

Produces light, healthy, and environmentally friendly

Nailable, sawable, plannable, washable, non-cracking, non-deformation, no worm decay

Construction is convenient and simple, using glue or nails directly installed

Suitable for a variety of indoor and outdoor decorative materials


Product characteristics

  • Insulation function: integrated with the advantages of the external insulation system, with insulation function;
  • Installation convenience: installation of construction personnel technical requirements are not high, non-professionals can also be based on the drawing construction;
  • New appearance: casual design, strong texture shape variety, according to special requirements for custom design;
  • Solid safety: the use of assembly-type installation or matching glue bonded to the wall, high safety factor;
  • Town water function: plus a layer of independent research and development of the coating, with water, flame retardant function;
  • Lightweight: Pu is the main material, with anti-corrosion polymer materials, weighing only 6 kg per square meter


Production process

Step 1: Copy nature’s mid-level rocks with silicone

Step 2: Make a mold out of the mud

Step 3: Pour out the aluminum mold for up foaming

Step 4: Foaming in the mold

Step 5: Spray corrosion- and aging-resistant paint


Construction process

Construction process:

Treatment of the grass -smearing flat layer – row brick, grid, bullet line – stick mushroom stone – stitching – clean the surface.

1, treatment grass-roots: before the construction of the wall surface of the impurities is cleaned up, to ensure that the wall is flat.

2, wipe the flat layer: find the flat layer is 1:3 cement mortar.

3, row brick, grid, bullet line: brick seam width is 8mminprinciple, for gridding, row brick must use the whole brick. If you can not use the whole brick, should be adjusted gray seam, really can not adjust, and then use the whole brick cut.

4, paste light pottery stone: should be mounted from the bottom up, bond thickness between 4 to 8mm.

5, hook: according to the design requirements of the material and depth-first horizontal and then vertical seam, to ensure continuous, straight, smooth, no cracks, no empty drum effect.

6, clean the surface: to the surface dry, water mud quickly dry, wipe the whole with dry cotton yarn, and then with clean water will be laid out light pottery stone rinse clean.

(node diagram).

It’s no use just saying it

It is convincing to see its true beauty


Product applications

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