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What is Smart Dimming Glass?


With the introduction of modern science and technology concepts, the call for intelligent control is getting higher and higher, and the requirements for modern architecture are higher and higher in terms of resource utilization, energy conservation, privacy protection, health, and visual enjoyment. With the development of the times, the collection of value and function as one of the dimming glass came into being, whether in the office, leisure, home, you can see the dimming glass figure.


What is dimming glass?

Dimming glass, known by its full name as electronically controlled dimming glass, is a kind of glass that uses power to regulate the line of sight of light. Electronically controlled dimming glass is a high-tech liquid crystal film installed between two layers of glass, high temperature, and high-pressure processing into the laminated glass. With the “power transparent, power off atomization” role! When the power is turned off, the liquid crystal molecules in the glass are irregularly dispersed, so the light can not pass through, the glass is milky white, when powered on, the liquid crystal molecules are arranged neatly, the light can be shot in, the glass is transparent.


Structure: the liquid crystal film into the middle of the two layers of glass by high temperature and high-pressure glue, the formation of a new type of special photoelectric glass products, wherein the liquid crystal film has a state of fog (opaque) in the state of power loss when power is transparent. The dimming glass has the characteristics of ordinary glass and electronic curtains.

Control mode: manual switch, light control, voice control, temperature control, remote control, remote network control can be.


Product performance

1. Privacy protection features: The maximum function of intelligent dimming glass is the privacy protection function, which can control the transparent opaque state of the glass at any time.

2. Projection function: Intelligent dimming glass is also a very good projection hard screen, in a light-friendly environment, if you choose a high luminous projector, the projection imaging effect is very clear and outstanding. (Back projection imaging is recommended).

3. Safety performance: including safety performance to prevent debris splashing after rupture, good strike strength.

4. Soundproofing characteristics: dimming film and film in the middle of the dimming glass have a sound damping effect, can partially block the noise.


5. Environmental features: Dimming film and film in the middle of the dimming glass can insulate, block more than 99% of ultraviolet light and more than 98% of infrared. Shielding department infrared to reduce thermal radiation and transmission, and shielding ultraviolet wire, can protect the indoor furnishings from ultraviolet radiation and other conditions such as discoloration, aging, to protect personnel from direct ultraviolet radiation caused by diseases.

6. Insulation characteristics: Insulation performance of more than 2 levels.

7. Power-saving features: transparent when power is switched on The light transmission is opaque when power is off, the light is still abundant under the condition of privacy protection, and the meeting room in the deep office area is still bright, which is not only comfortable but also saves the lighting.



The application scene of dimming glass

1. Can be used for partitioning, bathroom, window It also
says that dimming glass can adjust light and protect privacy. Dimming glass as an indoor partition can ensure good indoor lighting at the same time, to ensure indoor privacy. In addition, the glass partition has a certain visual extension effect, can improve the openness of space to a certain extent. And compared to brick wall partition, dimming a thin layer of glass saves at least 10 cm of space. It also has an easy switching glass transparent and opaque state.

The partition

The partition



The partition

2. Act as a projection curtain

If you want to design a home theater at home, you can also use dimming glass indoors as a projection curtain, dimming glass projection, the picture quality is also more clear and delicate than the curtain, is a good choice.

3. Other application areas

The stage

The roof

Group control

Add images, Logo

The façade glass curtain wall


How do I shop for dimming glass?

The most important thing to buy dimming glass is to see the transparency of its power, the more transparent the better. The transmission rate of dimming glass mainly looks at the outer glass and the liquid crystal dimming film in the mezzanine.

1. Look at the outer glass First look at the material of the outer
glass, now the common glass on the market has white glass and ultra-white glass, the general glass color is green, the light transmission rate is generally 82%-84%, and ultra-white glass is better, its light transmission rate is generally 89%-91%.

2. Look at the liquid crystal dimming film is also an important factor affecting the dimming glass transmission rate. Generally, domestic liquid crystal dimming film transmission rate of 73%-79%, and imports can reach 80%, but the price is also higher.

As far as material is concerned, ultra-white glass for the outer glass, imported liquid crystal dimming film as the material dimming glass quality is better!


What is the price of dimming glass?

Dimming glass just entered the Chinese market, the price is very expensive, even reached tens of thousands of dollars a flat, but now the price has been very cheap, in a treasure about 1000-1600 flat, local use is still very cost-effective! Second, the cost of dimming glass electricity, general dimming glass electricity is about 6 watts / square meters, daily use at home, a month or even less than 2 degrees of electricity, or very energy-saving and money-saving!


Maintenance and cleaning of dimmed glass

1. Place fixed

Dimming glass furniture is best placed in a more fixed place, do not move around at will, to place objects smoothly, heavy objects should be placed on the bottom of glass furniture, to prevent the furniture center of gravity unstable caused by tipping. In addition, to avoid moisture, wide-ranging stove, to be isolated from acid, alkali, and other chemical reagents, to prevent erosion deterioration.

2. Collision-proof

Usually do not hit the glass surface hard, for the anti-glass surface scratching, it is best to lay the table cloth. When putting things on dimmed glass furniture, take them lightly and avoid collisions.

3. Towel wipe

Daily cleaning, wipe with a wet towel or newspaper can be, such as smudges can be wiped with a towel beer or warm vinegar, or you can also use the glass cleaning agent currently on the market, do not use strong acid and alkaline solution cleaning. Winter dimming glass surface easy frosting can be wiped with thick saltwater or liquor, the effect is very good.

4. Toothbrush wipe

Once the patterned dimming glass is dirty, it can be removed by using a toothbrush with detergent and wiped in a circle along with the pattern. Alternatively, you can drip kerosene on the glass or apply chalk ash and plaster powder to the glass to dry, then wipe it with a clean cloth or cotton so that the glass is clean and bright.


The installation of dimming glass

Glass fixing and matching: dimming glass, transformers, special glass glue (check before installation whether the accessories are complete. )

1. Before installation: use a pen to detect the reserved wires have no electricity, there is electricity to power off for construction. Ensure security during installation.

2. Check and connect the transformer: Check/connect the transformer and install the glass, cut from the reserved wire, connect the transformer. (Prevents forgetting the transformer.) )

3. Wiring: Connect the light glass electrode wire. Attach the red line on the glass to the red line of the reserved wire and the black line (blue line) on the glass to the black line on the reserved wire. The output interface of the transformer at the other end of the reserved wire (see diagram below).

4. Check whether the line is connected, after the power test, the glass can be normal transparent and opaque control.

5. Play special glass glue, for glass edge.

6. Dimming glass installation is complete.

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